3 October 2019

İslamofobinin Bir Aracı Olarak Oyunlar (in TR)

İstanbul Müftülüğü Din ve Hayat Dergisi

Use of Games to Spread Islamophobia


This study is a condensed version of the full article, “Views of Digital Game Lovers on Games with Islamophobic Content,” which published in the Journal of Media and Religion Studies (MEDAD) issue in June 2018.

See https://dergipark.org.tr/mediad/issue/37949/429840 for a full review of the article or click here to go to the blog post about the article.


Cıngı, M. (2019). İslamofobinin Bir Aracı Olarak Oyunlar. İstanbul Müftülüğü Din ve Hayat Dergisi, 12(38). https://istanbul.diyanet.gov.tr/sayfalar/contentdetail.aspx?ContentId=1482&MenuCategory=Kurumsal

Click here to go to the journal page


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