5 August 2021

Bireysel ve Sosyal Yönleriyle Dijital Oyun Bağımlılığı (TR)

Sosyoloji Divanı

Digital Game Addiction in Individual and Social Aspects


The game, which has been an important activity in ensuring the social development of human beings since childhood, has evolved with the development of new communication technologies and has been digitalized in a way that we can easily reach anytime and anywhere by making a few finger movements even on smart mobile phones. This change has brought about a negative behavior such as digital game addiction. In this study, the sociological and psychological causes of digital game addiction, diagnostic criteria, preventive measures and treatment methods were tried to be presented with a holistic perspective through a literature review. As a result, it has been observed that there is an inverse relationship between social life and game addiction. It can be said that individuals with active social life are unlikely to develop digital game addiction, and digital game addicts are more likely to get rid of addiction if they leave their social environment and establish a new social life.


Cıngı, M. (2021). Digital Game Addiction in Individual and Social Aspects. Sosyoloji Divanı, 9(17). https://www.cizgikitabevi.com/kitap/1283-sosyoloji-divani-sayi-17-dosya-oyun-sosyolojisi

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