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Hey! This is Dr. Mustafa Cıngı from Erciyes University, Faculty of Communication, Public Relations and Advertising Department. I teach marketing communication and campaign-related courses in the undegraduate program. Campaigns for advertising, public relations, social media, and integrated marketing communication… However, if you ask me which topic I am good at (at least, in my opinion 🙂 ), I say social media studies, with a false confidence because of reading 3-5 books more than others 🙂 Few scientific fields fascinate me as much as social media.

In the postgraduate program, I teach ICT information and communication technology in PR, qualitative research method designs, and mixed methods research designs.

I’ve recently started studying digital inequality, digital victimization, and their societal consequences in the sphere of communication.

At the faculty, I also handled and supervised my students’ projects in the PR lab and the Advertising Lab, which I still do. We received numerous awards in various categories for our projects, including the Turkish Public Relations Association (TÜHİD, a member of IPRA) Golden Compass Award, the Aydın Doğan Foundation “Young Communicators Contest” Award, the T.R. Ministry of European Union “Young Communicators on the Path to EU” Award, and the Radio and Television Broadcasters Professional Association (RATEM) “Communication Ideas Competition” Award.

Beyond the academy, I am quite interested in classical Turkish music. For the past 20 years, I’ve been playing the ney (reed flute). I also enjoy shooting photos and making videos.

I enjoy drinking coffee as well. When my friends who are traveling overseas ask me what they should bring from there, I tell them to bring me coffee. I’ve even become so bold that I tell my students and friends, “If you’re wondering what to get me for a gift one day, feel free to bring coffee” 🙂 Brewed, black, Sumatra or Guatemala, it doesn’t matter… It also complements shisha at times. Who knows, maybe one day I’ll offer you a cup of coffee, or maybe you’ll offer one to me. Take care, gentlemen!

That’s all for now.

Take good care of yourselves.

You can also look over my academic pages by clicking on the links below:

Click here for my official academic profile

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4 Responses

  1. İlhami Koyuncu says:

    Sizi seviyor ve takip ediyorum,
    Bu arada Murat abimde inşallah bu seçimlerde meclise gider.
    Sana ve ailene çok selamlarımı iletirsen sevinirim.

  2. barış can says:

    Maden sektöründe çalışan Mustafa Cıngı ile akrabalığınız var mı? Maden konusunda kitapları olan bir idealisttir. İnterneete izlemenizi rica ederim. Barış Can

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