3 October 2015

Online Pazarlama İletişiminde Kullanılan Video İçeriklerinin Ürün Tanıtımına Etkisi (in TR)

Humanities Sciences

The effect of the video contents in online marketing communication to the publicity of a product


Users commonly utilize social media to make decisions about their purchases as well as to exchange information. Businesses must effectively manage their online content, including as texts, images, and videos, in order to respond to user searches and rank high in search results, notably on Google. Businesses must also encourage the most popular expert users to produce content they enjoy. This study examines the relationship between video content used for information gathering and dissemination and commercial promotion. Using the method of Wang and Fensenmaier and the research of İnan and Ölçer, the video contents in a sample of DSLR cameras are analyzed. It is concluded that user-generated content, in particular, has greater effects on publicity.


Cıngı, M. (2015). Online Pazarlama İletişiminde Kullanılan Video İçeriklerinin Ürün Tanıtımına Etkisi. Humanities Sciences, 10(4), 145–163. https://doi.org/10.12739/nwsa.2015.10.4.4c0198

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