17 June 2016

Workshops on “Internet and Communication” as part of the EU project.

After a long period of about four months from February to last week, we finally came to the end of the trainings at Yahyalı, Kayseri. Within the scope of this four-month training, we touched on many topics from computer use to word processing programs, but of course, the most important part of these trainings were the weeks when we talked about the internet and social media.

We finished these trainings with the creation of a blog called Yahyalı Volunteers. I hope that all of these workshops and seminars will be useful to the inhabitants of Yahyalı, as well as shopkeepers, travelers, and tourists, because it’s a shame that there isn’t much information on where to go and what to eat in such a lovely neighborhood. We attempted to compensate for this weakness with the trainees.


Mustafa Cıngı

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