4 July 2011

Who should you listen to if you want to play the reed flute / ney well?

To play the reed flute/ney, you must definitely listen much. Listening masters of the reed flute is a must to have a good musical ear, proper and harmonical playing. Listening is not important only for reed flute but every musical instrument also.

I can hear you saying “Who are the masters of reed flute?”

You can check my recommended masters list here if you want to have a decent ear. Yes, I am aware that some of them do not play the reed flute. Reed flute is one of the legs of a tripod of traditional Turkish music, thus if you want to play well, you must listen to certain performers of this type of music as well as reed flute experts.

Let’s begin…

1. Tanburi Cemil Bey (You can go to the next master by clicking numbers below)

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