4 February 2019

The Intern (movie)

“The Intern” is a must-watch film for everyone involved in or interested in e-commerce and digital marketing.

Internships are typically required by colleges as part of the graduation process so that students can have a better knowledge of the business before graduating. The student spends the majority of his internship time photocopying and performing other trivial tasks. If the business is a little more corporate, shredding can be added to this task 🙂 When ambitious students who are eager to learn and professionals who are eager to teach come together, the internship is a fantastic period of learning and experience.

The film is about an intern doing an internship, as the title suggests. But, contrary to popular belief, this intern is not a daydreaming, naive student, but a widowed gentlemen in his 70s with grandchildren who has spent his entire life producing telephone directories. I don’t name him “Grandpa” since Robert De Niro’s character, Ben Whittaker, is a cultured and sophisticated gentleman rather than a grandfather.

Official trailer of “The Intern”

Ben has begun working as an intern for a fashion e-commerce site that recruits retired interns as part of a social responsibility project. Ben’s experiences in the film practically answer the topic of what the distinctions are between the work cultures of the current and ancient generations.

I believe individuals involved in e-commerce, digital marketing or social media will enjoy watching “The Intern“.


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