20 September 2022

The Hater (movie)

A social media agency operates in a similar manner. When the customer arrives, the firm creates a social media plan that is tailored to the client’s needs. Action is taken if the customer authorizes. Content is being prepared, adverts are being distributed… But what if the consumer comes knocking door to start a disinformation campaign? This is extremely nicely expressed in the film “The Hater.” That’s why it quickly adds itself to the “We Beat Anyone Who Doesn’t Watch This” list 🙂

The film is a Polish movie. Our Warsaw-based hero is expelled from school for plagiarizing his article. He needs to get a new employment. He begins working for a social media agency, where his job is to lead a smear campaign designed to ruin a YouTuber’s reputation. When he succeeds in this position, he is offered a far more significant job. A liberal democratic mayoral candidate’s smear campaign.

At the start of the film, we observe how racist content is prepared, particularly for Muslims, and for what goals the hate campaign is planned. The campaign then switches to politics, bringing up problems such as LGBT, Islamophobia, marginalization, and hate speech. The film shows how to organize the masses via social media networks. When our hero’s love relationships and desire for vengeance enter the picture, things take a new turn and the events go far beyond “a simple mistake of youth.”

The Arab spring, the Gezi Park protest, the Cambridge Analytica scandal, the yellow vests and the latest US Senate raid… These come to mind right now, but there are social media networks behind many social events like these, and it’s hard to guess how much of them is organic and how much is manipulative.

The film prompts the audience to ask probing inquiries. Anyone interested in social media should read it. It goes on the list of “We Beat Anyone Who Doesn’t Watch This” 🙂

Just kidding 😀 Let’s watch the trailer below:

Official trailer of “The Hater”

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