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Look Who’s Back (movie)

2014 is the year. The film begins when a reporter pursuing news in a German playground unintentionally witnesses Adolf Hitler’s return to Germany. The film’s title is inspired by this situation: Look who’s back!


The Hater (movie)

If the consumer comes knocking door to start a disinformation campaign to your agency, what would you do? This is extremely nicely expressed in the film “The Hater.”


YouTube interview on how to become an academic

Kamala Rovshan, who came to our country for graduate education, came one day and asked, “Sir, what if we shoot a video about how to become an academic?” As a result, such a YouTube video has been occured.


Podcast: How to become Levent Erden?

In the 8th episode of this podcast series, Nilay Örnek’s guest is Levent Erden, who we are familiar with from the “Istanbul Kafası” program on NTV screens because