11 October 2022

Look Who’s Back (movie)

2014 is the year. The film begins when a reporter pursuing news in a German playground unintentionally witnesses Adolf Hitler’s return to Germany. The film’s title is inspired by this situation: Look who’s back!

It will not be difficult for Hitler to enter the media once a reporter detects his comeback. And, of course, his discovery by the media.

Hitler comes to mind when we think of propaganda. Today, even though the instruments change, Hitler does not feel alien to today’s media since the nature of human beings does not change; he adapts to all mediums immediately and continues from where he left off.

Of course, the film’s direct subject is not the media. But, as a communication scientist, it was fascinating to see how the media is used and should be used through Hitler’s perspective. That is why I believe it is necessary to add this film on the list of “movies every communication enthusiast should watch.”

The movie is German made. Its language is German. But I watched it dubbed in Turkish on Netflix. There is of course an English dubbing. There are also dubbings and subtitles in many languages. I’ve included the trailer below.

“Er Ist Wieder Da / Look Who’s Back” official teaser 1

Have fun watching…


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