17 October 2017

ISSSS2017-“9th Conference of the International Society for the Social Sciences of Sport” Conference

Last week, I had a presentation at the conference titled “Conference of the International Society for the Social Sciences of Sport”, which was held on 13-15 October 2017.

In the hall where many local and foreign academicians are exist, I presented our study titled “The Effect of Social Media on the Selection of Ski Resort by Ski Lovers: Erciyes Ski Resort Example”.

The best part of these congresses is that you get the chance to meet many academics. Some are young academicians who are very excited to present their papers for the first time in their lives, while others are an authoritative name whose name we know from their books, perhaps presenting their hundredth paper.

The most interesting name I met at this conference was the German sociologist Kurt Weis. He is 77 years old but looks like 40. He came to Çorum to present his paper. I wonder if I will be able to attend academic meetings like Kurt Weiss when I reach that age?


Mustafa Cıngı

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  1. İlayda KÖMÜR says:

    Bu kongre kimlerin ortaklığında yapılmıştı acaba?

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