11 January 2021

Newspaper interview on Yeni Akit Gazetesi about the transformation of social media into a digital dictatorship

Recently, I received a call from Harun Sekmen, who recently published significant news in Akit Newspaper and sought my opinion on social media. He had some issues for me regarding the return of social media to digital tyranny. Along with other experts’ answers, my responses were included in the headlines of Yeni Akit Gazetesi (a national daily newspaper) today. I’m thankful of him.

Other than Mr. Sekmen, I’m not sure who cares, but I can’t help but say a few things about it.

I am opposed to the shutdown of social media networks. As you are aware, access is not restricted when it is already closed. Despite Twitter being shut down during the Gezi Park protests, the number of users climbed 3-5 times in a month. In my opinion, instead of closures, which are ineffective in any case, the implementation of regulations is the best option for the rule of law. It is not proper to disable access to Twitter, and it is also not appropriate for Twitter to suspend an account.

If a Twitter account is harassing you, you can block it. If the account is violating your legal rights, you can report it and request that your account be suspended. This is what ought to occur.

However, if a company’s management explicitly states, “I close the account, I do anything I want,” then we are not discussing the law but rather a dictatorship. Perhaps the topic would not have been as divisive if a lawsuit against Trump’s tweets had been filed and it had been decided to be resolved by a judge’s ruling. Of course, the judge’s ruling was questionable in terms of legality.

Secondly, WhatsApp’s imposition of contracts also occupies our separate agenda. People began to flock from WhatsApp to Telegram and BIP. I switched to Telegram for the first time on this occasion. They called it Russian, but they left, it was headquartered in the United Arab Emirates. Better or worse, that’s debatable 🙂

I’m aware that you can utilize Telegram, BIP, ZIP, WhatsApp, or WhatsApp if you’d like. Any information you give on any platform can be accessed and utilized for a variety of things. Whatever option you select, this is it. Never forget that everything digital could be hacked. Therefore, it is advisable to refrain from sharing anything we don’t want others to see or hear.

Not to mention, how much will it matter even if you entirely stop using WhatsApp? As the poet said: Facebook is his, Instagram is his, the rest is all drudgery…

Well, if it doesn’t matter, why did I switch to Telegram? To oppose this imposition of WhatsApp, to prevent it from saying I can do whatever I want. A little to object to the double standard.

Since social networks provide equal opportunity for the unyielding advocacy of democratic rights, I use my right against WhatsApp and Twitter.

Finally, regardless of the application, our data is thoroughly processed. We are aware of this, but we continue to use it since the advantages outweigh the risks. However, do we have to accept whatever they force on us as well?

Also, if UBER’s operations were regulated and the ban were repealed… What a lovely gesture!

You can read all the article by clicking the link below


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