23 October 2020

Podcast: How to become Serdar Erener?

Nilay Örnek is preparing one of the visionary PodCast series that I listen to with pleasure and learn a lot about on Spotify. “How to become (Turkish)” asks Nilay Örnek, and her guests tell her how to be whatever she is good at.

Do I want to be like Serdar Erener when I grow up? If yes, how? By working hard? With little sleep? By praying a lot? By being modest? By pushing our luck? These questions go on and on. It’s best to listen to the series on Spotify and give the answers ourselves.

Serdar Erener gibi mi olmak istiyorum? Evet ise nasıl? Çok çalışarak mı? Az uyuyarak mı? Bu sorular uzar gider. En iyisi Spotify üzerinden Nasıl Olunur serisini dinlemek ve cevapları kendimiz bulmak.

The conversations in the podcast are in the form of questions and answers. The questions are good and there are in-depth questions.

The program is long but enjoyable. From Bülent Eczacıbaşı to Serdar Kuzuloğlu, from İbrahim Selim to Naci Görür… I can clearly say that Nilay’s interviews with experts from many fields add a lot to people. At the time of writing this article, the 86th episode of the series has been broadcasted, with İclal Aydın.

How to become Serdar Erener?

The subject of this article is the 38th episode of the How to Become series. The guest is a name that I think especially those who are interested in advertising and marketing communication should listen to: Serdar Erener.

People my age will remember Garanti Bank’s advertisement for children selling lemonade. One of the legendary advertisements… Serdar Erener’s signature is in this work. He is in the industry for 30 years. It is possible to see Serdar Erener’s signature in most of the advertisements that make people say “whoaaa!” in Turkey.

We start the program by listening to how Serdar Erener came from his childhood to this day. These parts are also good, but especially the new generation advertising, which rules social media has changed, which rules have not changed, the current dynamics of brand communication and the minutes we listened to Erener’s sincere advice are the main reasons for me to write and recommend this podcast.

Whoever is interested in advertising, public relations, journalism, new media, marketing communication, political communication should not miss this show.

There are Levent Erden, Nevzat Aydın and Levent Kömür, which I haven’t had the opportunity to listen to yet, and I hope to share them with you as soon as I listen to them. If there are things that you say “Sir, listen to this”, I am waiting for your advice in the comment section below.

Good listening…


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