28 October 2020

Podcast: How to become Levent Erden?

Nilay Örnek is preparing one of the visionary PodCast series that I listen to with pleasure and learn a lot about on Spotify. “How to become” asks Nilay Örnek, and her guests tell her how to be whatever s/he is good at. In the 8th episode of this podcast series, Nilay Örnek’s guest is Levent Erden, who we are familiar with from the “Istanbul Kafası” program on NTV screens because he is an Istanbul lover, but talks about his professional field, marketing communication in this episode.

Levent Erden

When you search for Levent Erden on Google, you come across hundreds of video content, and if you immerse yourself in those videos, you don’t realize how the hours pass and the days go by. I think everything he says is very valuable and adds a lot to listeners.

But the place where I first heard and knew about Levent Erden is Next Academy. It is a magnificent institution that provides marketing graduate education in cooperation with Istanbul Bilgi University. They also call it interactive marketing training. The most authoritative names of the industry give lectures here.
I claim that with a master’s education you will receive there, you can be sure that you have received the best marketing education you can get in Turkey. According to me…
I don’t know how much theory or epistemology education there is, but when I look at the academic staff, I have no doubt that they provide the best education that can be received within the sectoral scope.
To mention only one handicap is the price of education but is it worth it for the money? Definitely…

What about those who do not have the economic power to afford that education?

Even if we do not have the opportunity to do a master’s degree at Next Academy, almost all of the instructors who teach there have seminars, conferences, interviews and their own content on Instagram, Twitter, blogs or YouTube. Just following them adds a lot to one’s mind.

You can get off to a good start by listening to the podcast below. After the podcast, your fingers will start typing “Levent Erden” into Google whether you want it or not.

You can go Levent Erden’s Twitter profile here and his Instagram profile here.


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