30 December 2020

YouTube interview on how to become an academic

We were talking with our graduate students about the academic situation in Turkey and how to be a good academician.

Kamala Rovshan, who came to our country for graduate education, came one day and asked, “Sir, what if we shoot a video about how to become an academic?” As a result, such a YouTube video has been occured.

Kamala is an influencer followed in her country, Azerbaijan, I would like to express my gratitude to her for including me on his channel.

You can follow Kamala on her YouTube and Instagram profiles.

Enjoy watching.

Öne çıkan görsel Education photo created by wayhomestudio – www.freepik.com

Mustafa Cıngı

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  1. Reyhan says:

    Odaya girdiğinizde ayakta karşılanıyor, sorduğunuz sorular özenle uzun uzun cevaplanıyorsa, farklı hatta kendisine son derece zıt bir fikri savunduğunuzda bile saygıyla dinleniyor ve ağırlanıyorsanız veee duvarda uçan kitaplar varsa evet Cıngı hocanın odasındasınız demektir.

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