14 March 2017

Erciyes University “Kızılay Youth Club” “Humanitarian Aid and Communication” Panel

On Friday, March 11, 2017, we gave a conference with Armağan Pekkaya, moderated by Semanur Geredeli, in the panel titled “Humanitarian Aid and Communication” organized by Erciyes University Kızılay Youth Club.

You should have seen the rush of the organizing team before the panel. “Dear professor, unfortunately, the senate convened at this hour today, so the students did not come today because our professors who attended the senate postponed their lessons, the hall will be empty… What shoul we do now? Oh noo!”… 🙂

I tried to reassure the friends by saying, “Even if there are 3 people, I will come and tell my friends, the quality is important, not the number“, but when the panel started and I saw the participation, I realized that these concerns were completely unfounded. The hall was completely full.

I didn’t understand the humanitarian aid issue and the consequences, position, and importance of social media on this issue because I was used to discussing the commercial side of social media. When I was studying for my lesson, I noticed that social media, which has incredible effects on every subject, is also a very serious player in this field.

Africa, migrants, refugees, hungry people, dying children, misery… Serious figures that are depressing and eventually lead to despair… But on the other hand, aid collected by crowdfunding, awareness created by social media and activist aid movements… I tried to explain all of them as much as I could.

Well done to all the friends at the Erciyes University Kızılay Youth Club who contributed…


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